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Joe Gramm Owner / Upholsterer

Cape Cod Upholstery Shop

Located on Cape Cod

South Dennis, MA 02660




To make your furniture upholstery experience with me a great experience.

Work experience

At Age 15

My first job was working at Cumberland Farms in Hull, Ma.  My sister was the manager and I stocked the shelves and coolers.  I then moved on to the famous “Paragon Park”, also in Hull.  There I worked the concession stands making burgers, fries and cotton candy. 

Starting out as an old fashioned apprentice


My first upholstery employment, at age 16, was with Arthur Gaudreau of Hingham Upholstery, in Hingham, MA. I learned how to pick up and deliver furniture, remove the old fabric from the furniture, tie springs and glue frames, eventually learning to work with the new fabric. I also observed how Arthur took care of his customers. Arthur sold the business and moved to New Hampshire. I readily found a new job.


"The Upholstery Shop"


My next employment was with Ann & Warren Sillcocks (The Upholstery Shop in  Cohasett, MA). I did all of the above, except after the death of two of their young upholsterers, I found myself in a crash course in Upholstery 101. This is when I started to develop my skills. I also did small jobs out of my home and started to develop the skills needed to run my own business. In 1979 I moved to Florida.

Sunny Sarasota Florida


I bought an established business with a store front called Ranes Upholstery, owned by Mark Ranes. Luckily, Mr. Ranes stayed on for several months, since there was already a four month backlog when I started. Here, my skills as upholsterer and shop owner came together. Sarasota is where I met my wife and partner Marge. She originally was from Rhode Island. In 1984 I sold the business. We both embarked on a two month trip across the United States and Canada. After that trip, it was back home to New England.

Beautiful Cape Cod, MA


We eventually settled, at first, in Yarmouth Port, MA. We rented a wonderful cottage on Cape Cod Bay from Lee & Dory Marchildon. For several years we operated the business from a walk-out basement on the property. In 1989, Marge and I married. Our business was rapidly growing, so in 1990, we bought a piece of property in South Dennis where our home and business are presently located.

Computer Experience


First computer class was with Marge in 1982 with Tandy TRS 80s, that you had to write the code for. I decided to wait until you didn't have to write the code anymore & bought an IBM compatible, Leading Edge DOS machine in 1986 to do the accounting and Invoicing for the upholstery business.  In 1986, I wish I had bought Microsoft stock, but, I didn’t. In 1993, my first Mac, a Centris 610, was connected to the Internet for the first time with a cutting edge 56K dial-up modem & floppy disk drive. CD Drive was optional.

Apple Experience


Self taught over a 19 year period. Starting with Apple Operating System 7, to OS 8, 9 and now the latest OS 10.7 Lion. From Floppy Disk to DVD and now Flash Memory. From 56K Dial-Up to Wireless Networking. My goal with all my computers and operating systems was to learn as much about the software and hardware I was using and how to keep the machine happy, so the software can perform as intended. When operating properly, computers can create a rich user experience. Apple is a dynamic company, full of innovation and truly making the World “Think Different”.

Formal Education

Graduate of Hull High School in Hull, Ma Class of 1973.

3 letters in Track. Tied school record for 100 yard dash (10.0 Sec.)


After reading this resume, I hope you find my qualifications to be both entertaining and satisfactory.


For References, please visit the link to my Photo Gallery

For Fun

Being married to Marge and raising our beautiful daughter Molly. Oh, and playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee as often as I can!

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